Dismantling of electroplating unit

Sustainable measure to increase energy efficiency

The company's electroplating plant has been in operation since the factory in Höingen was inaugurated in 1990. The in-house coating facility ensured that there was no need to outsource the process, something which has always benefited our customers at HEICO. However, operating the system required an extremely high amount of energy. In addition, the electroplating coating process required a wide variety of chemicals, the storage and handling of which required special safety measures.

A plan was therefore drafted to replace the electroplating facility with another in-house process in the future. This was realised in autumn 2020. The electroplating plant was taken offline because the internal lacquer coating process had been optimised in such a way that a wide variety of surfaces can now be completely coated using lacquers. The shutdown resulted in a saving of 30% of the total energy requirement, which corresponds to the entire energy requirement of HEICO Befestigungstechnik after the planned move to Höingen.

The facility has now been completely dismantled, and some of the flooring has been removed and renewed. A finishing, lacquer coating and a new and modern washing facility will be installed in the hall in the near future.

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